The Biggest Translation Agency

Know-How Translations, a compact, dynamic and professional translation agency, was born to offer the market a specialized service thanks to the many years of experience of a selected group of native translators.

Our goal is to ensure competence, reliability and quality and to this end we employ a team of professional native translators. Know-How Translations not only selects its collaborators in advance and with care, but is itself made up of translators of the highest level. Taking advantage of the experience of internal staff and external collaborators, we offer specialized translations for specific language combinations and sectors described here , thus guaranteeing a constant level of quality.

This is what distinguishes us from other operators in the sector.

Main Language Combinations


We are located in the beautiful town of Birmingham, UK. We started out in Italy but we decided to relocate to UK before Brexit. Our primary translation languages are still Italian, Spanish, French, German.

Our cultural heritage is still Italian and most of the team members speak Italian among themselves. Reach out to us over the email.